SEO Rant – Your Domain Metrics Suck! Here’s why

September 3, 2016 3:56 am
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This post was written by Patrick


  • SEO Training says:

    Hey Pat,
    Great video!
    While I agree with the entire content of this post, it stands to reason that TF, CF, DA and PA will still be the “go to” metrics for most SEO’s.
    Although it’s not a perfect solution, it does provide an easy way to teach people to filter through the 100k+ expiring domains that can be scraped / are available at auction each day.
    Telling a noob to pbns “hey, look at EVERY single sites backlinks in ahrefs because Maj and Moz don’t mean anything makes the task a nearly impossible one.
    With that said…
    I’ve seen sites with .edu and .gov do follow links in ahrefs and moz/majestic haven’t even crawled them yet…
    Ahrefs domain rank seems to be a better initial indication as to the quality of the domain, followed by actually looking at the pages those links site on.
    Finding PBNs isn’t for the faint-hearted!

  • Logesh Kumar says:

    Completely agreed! More RD -> More Link Juice -> Better Ranks!

  • claude says:

    Hi Patrick
    Thank you for this seo rant metrics because you open my eyes and you save me tons money.. See ya next times

  • morten says:

    Great video and quite refreshing. I understand the point about the linkjuice but don’t the backlinks from the 20 TF domains bring some authority and diversity to the “bank” compared to the 6 TF which seemed to have fewer backlinks?

  • Richard says:

    Hello Patrick,
    Good post, two points:
    1. I happen to enjoy tittyfucking, as long as she’s hot.
    2. You must be right since your backlinks have never failed me.

  • Bhupinder says:

    I didnt find enough reason to not consider trust flow.
    Though, i dont use it but still i watched your whole video just to find why not to check trust flow.
    There is no reason to hate you as you repeatd it several times.
    Both domains had similar type backlinks. Moreover you considered authority and trust flow for backlinks too.
    You have to consider some metrices in order to choose a domain. What do u suggest? Just link juice?

    • Patrick says:

      Of course, you can use metrics as an indicator to filter down domains, but never let it be a decision maker. That’s the point I’m trying to make with the video.
      1. Link Juice 2. Age of Domain 3. Referring Domains.
      If those 3 are good, then the metrics will fall into place. You have to work backwards.

  • Praveen says:

    The same I’m thinking about. You gave boost to my assumption. But, I consider RD than any other metrics.

  • What’s up Patrick. Yea metrics are just good for an initial look.
    You gonna hit up my schema idea for your PWTA video or what?!? Lol
    Always great stuff… Pbn link seller, and the metrics change way too fast… Even during a short video!!! Ha, it’s tough when the buyers are demanding metrics meet the standards.

  • Techgeekx says:

    Great article man, now I have a selected list of websites to comment on. Thank you very much for sharing such an informative
    article. Cheers !it is very useful for commenting purpose and thanks for sharing with us.

  • Kal says:

    Metrics are made up numbers. From experience dealing with lots of links on daily basis many of the links “change” their TF on daily basis.
    What matters in backlinks IS:
    A) The time when the link was built (yesterday, last year or in 10 years)
    B) Niche related NO matter in what language. Chinese, Russian, Spanish, whatever the language is it should match your niche.
    Backlinks are like wine, the older they are, the better.

  • Dimitris says:

    Great video Patrick
    Metrics sucks- back links and especially RD is the key

  • softnos uk says:

    Totally agreed with you

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