Do Outbound Authority Links Increase Your Rankings Or Not?

November 1, 2016 9:13 am
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  • Dmitriy Nam says:

    Good stuff Patrick.
    Was the link dofollow? or nofollow?

  • I ranked a contractor website solely with Social media profile sites niche relevant. Now I will admit the keywords were not that hard but between silo structure and independant social media site per location, it ranked for 3 years.

  • Tibor S says:

    Yo!… great stuff man. I wanted to do this one myself for so long but never got to it. Seems like the “gurus” were right for once.

  • Chesney says:

    Thanks for the great insights you provide Patrick! Really awesome stuff! Keep up the good work!

  • simonelogan says:

    Hi Patrick, this is a very interesting test. I have done the same with one of my blogs and I did see a slight improvement but not much. While I did the same few years ago for a local business where I have included few useful links in the footer and it did make quite a difference however I have to say that the competition was quite low therefore it could be a series of factors that helped.
    Here are my thoughts on your test:
    1. Since you had 4 identical pages and one different, it could be that Google sort of rewarded the only different page as it couldn’t figure out which one to prioritize. Have you tried to remove the outbound link to see if the position changes again? If that page was rewarded as I thought then it shouldn’t lose its position if it changes, then indeed the outbound link is relevant.
    2. As wikipedia pages do have high authority in Google’s eyes, why are you saying that it wouldn’t work in this case? In the second test I made which brought the page 1-2 position higher, I have included only wikipedia links, that’s why I am asking.
    Looking forward to see other tests.
    Keep it up!

    • Patrick says:

      Thank you for your support.
      In the second part of the test, I do delete the outbound link from the first test page, and after six days it dropped in rankings. While the new test page jumped up two spots after adding an outbound link to that page.
      Here’s the kicker: The new test page did not jump to Number #1, but it did jump two spots, while the old test page went down.
      Also, Wikipedia is a common outbound link for SEOs, and so too many people use it to “prove” their website is credible. I’m not saying Wikipedia is bad, but I would rather link out to a relevant authority site.

  • Anonymous says:

    Love your SEO work Patrick!
    How do you get the CNN link to follow your link back to your page that is ranking? To make it a Do Follow link?

  • Samer Riad says:

    Hey. Awesome Patrick. Keep those videos coming. I was just wondering how it would work for interlinking pages within the same site. How would the page you linking from and the page you`re linking to behave?

  • Darren says:

    Great video Patrick,
    Not surprised with the results but maybe a little to see the jump. It just seems like a natural thing most authors would do in their blogs. I’ve been doing it regardless but happy to see it may have an effect on rankings.

  • Great video.
    Like all SEO’s we should be using Authority Outbound Links in our blogs were possible. Like you said, this makes our site appear more trusthworthy because we’re relating to an authoritative site.
    I tend to hear many people claim that just posting content everyday will help to boost your ranking, however that alone does not work. Authority outbound links help to achieve this, amongst many other tips and tricks.

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