Do Images On Your Website Improve Rankings?

September 29, 2016 6:04 am
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Update #1 NOTE: The results of the Alt Text In The Image will be updated when we see new movement. I’ve included the alt text on the new test page (position #3) and removed the alt text from the position #1 page. I will update and notify you when the new changes occur.

Update #2: The proof is in the pudding. After I removed the Alt text of the 1st position page and added it to the new position #3 test page, the position #3 page moved to the 1st page. (Every page was republished accordingly. Conclusion: The Alt Text helps with your rankings!

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  • Mike Haydon says:

    Nice work on the first part, adding the image and seeing movement. However I don’t think any conclusions can be drawn from the second part. No movement happened. The test is some movement up against no movement, rather than no movement against downward movement. All it did was demonstrate you didn’t overoptimise. An alt text test should measure keyword in alt versus no keyword in alt. That should be balanced out with adding the keyword in the main text of the controls, else the result could be from adding the keyword again on the page.

    • Patrick says:

      Yes, you are totally right. I’ve also included that the part of the Alt image needs to be fully conducted because it’s not 100% done yet. I will update you with the movements.
      Truth is, I’ve tested this before with using alt text and it has always made a difference for me. But for this video, I’ll make sure to show you the final results for the alt text.

  • Liem says:

    Dude that’s some really awesome tests! Thanks for sharing! Keep them coming please!

  • thanks for great information

  • Pierre says:

    I always wanted to test this thanks bro. Just a thought though maybe you should have done it like this.
    One image see results then place all of the sites with an image, then the last ranked site put the alt text and see the moment from there. Cheers

  • Thanks for sharing a very informative article with us, and yes it works that images helps in improving the ranking

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